Saturday, August 28, 2010

Web 2.0

These days, if you attend a teachers' PD event with ICT as the main theme, there is a very likely chance that Web 2.0 is going to be mentioned. The reference is sometimes incidental, at other times a Web 2.0 technology is discussed in some detail. Web 2.0 includes most of the instant messaging interenet-based applications arund as well as online learning management systems.

The other day I stumbled on Learn IT in 5, a web site owned and operated by Mark Barnes, a technology teacher, online course instructor and presenter of "The Paperless Classroom" method of instruction and Web 2.0 applications. It is basically a repository of "How tp..." videos for the teachnology classroom. If you are a teacher it might be useful to subscribe to, and bookmark the site. Some recent video postings include: Classroom Blogging , Social Media for Teachers , Classroom Video Tools , Wikis For Teachers , Classroom Podcasting , Web 2.0 Lessons , Visionary App Series .

As a teacher, (well, actually semi-retired) I find little time to browse extensively to become more Web 2.0 literate. As with many in the fraternity, what interests me most is: how do I apply or use a Web 2.0 technology with my digital natives. They will of course take to it as a fish to the water, but for those my age, being digital imigrants we need to understand and explore the technology before we apply it in our teaching. Sometimes you'll find that the work has been done for you. Take a look at this great colklection of ideas on how to use Blogs, Wikis and (Google) Docs.

I have recently been alerted to a new site which offers the facility to create free great looking online quizzes, get a widget for it and embed in your website or blog. Once you create a login name, off you go and start creating. Choose a colourful skin, decide on the widget size, name your quiz, add a tag, add an image, video, chart or none; tested one out and here is the result with only one question.

Hmmm, not too bad for a 2 minutes job. Wonder how it integrates with Moodle.

New ways to explore and employ Web 2.0 technologies are cropping up almost daily. Educators are among the first to analyse their potential and seek ways to integrate them in their teaching. Anna Maria Menezes has created an extensive list of some little known and other common Web 2.0 technologies in her report Web Tools applied to Teaching

Till next time.... sahha