Sunday, November 21, 2010

Teachers around the country are evaluating ebooks as an alternative to print materials; some schools have developed sound policies with regards to ebooks and adopted one or more ebook readers. There are quite a few implications of course mostly to do with copyright and related issues. For schools that need an alternative to ebooks, there is now FlexBooks from Use of the CK-12 FlexBook System and FlexBooks are subject to a Creative Commons License. At this stage, Flexbooks are available in the areas of: Science ; Technology ; Engineering and Mathematics .
The Flexbook system offers a number of ways of access; they can be displayed as pdf , through an online viewer with quite a straight forward interface and in htm format or in print format. Chapter titles link to the start page for that chapter. Additionally you can make up a completely new textbook by selecting various chapters from separate titles, combine and assembly the chapters in any order you like, add prefaces, introductions, chapters list, etc and set it up as a FlexBook.
There are number of Webinars happening soon, so visit the CK12 website for the schedule starting from Nov. 23 to Dec. 16th.

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