Saturday, January 16, 2010

BlogFest 2010 Task 4 Following Blogs

Today's task is about following and conversing with others. Also we are required to list at least 10 blogs I think are worth following and maybe write a comment or two about why I follow the blog.

I must admit that though I subscribe to a number of emails from educational entities, I have never bothered to search their websites to check if they have RSS feeds. A case in particular is the eSchoolNews that Kerrie has displayed on her blog for this task. I have followed eSN through their variuous newsletters for a few years now; I get 2 to 3 of their email-outs every week. So I have add their technology widget to my blog to the left and subscribed to the RSS feed that now has been added to my iGoogle account.

Having looked at some of the blogs refered to by Ali, Cecily and Kerry and others later, I'll start looking a lot more seriously at building my range.

I used blog for the last year or so but now I'm quite keen on Blogger's. I have documented my impressions about earlier but after reading Helen's entry for Task 3, I might squeeze some time to play with it again.

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