Sunday, January 17, 2010

BlogFest 2010 Task 5 Visitor Contributions

I'm sure many have experienced setbacks when posted blog do not attract and/or generate a response from visitors (though not all posts have to have a feedback), let alone people adding their names as followers of the blog. Blogs are meant to be a conversation; maybe the catalyst for a conversation.

It is certainly not easy to initiate a conversation these days especially when there is so much blogging around. Often people follow regularly certain blogs, others not so often. I follow one or two blogs on's often moving on.

For the purpose of this task I decided to put on two short videos, similar in nature and message but different in the way they go about presenting the message. Both from
Next Generation Learning, a British government campaign initiated by Becta.

What is Next Generation Learning?


Engage Me!

1. What are two videos trying to tell us? Is the message similar, the same, or completely different? In other words if both videos are about the same subject, do both deliver the same message? if not, why not?

2. After viewing both videos, how would you explain what Next Generation Learning is to the parents of a K10 student?


  1. Interesting videos Nick.
    The second one seems to have some underlying negativity - e.g. "Let us do.. " as if it is not happening yet. While the first is all bounce and joy - "we've got it set up and this is what we can do"
    I think the first is aimed at parent enablers - getting them to be part of what is happening.

    The first gives you a better glimpse of the technology behind the learning - the second is probably trying to do by focussing less on the technology and more on the applications.

    Somehow even with more participation by (silent) students, the second is less engaging to watch.

    Thanks for sharing.
    My guess is I've spent about 15 minutes looking at the videos and writing my comment. And I didn't go outside your blog post!

  2. The second video focuses on putting across the idea that young people are really up-to-date with ICT and suggests that education is not keeping up. But I like the way that it has been put together really simply and you can see that it wouldn't be hard to make a video like this.

    The first video is more like a professional sales job - suggesting to parents to push for greater ICT use in schools. I tend to switch off a bit from that kind of slickness.